Cryptocurrency Demystified – L-Spark January Community Co-Working Day

With the success of the Filecoin and Kik ICOs (amongst others) in the latter half of 2017, every Startup in the world should be examining the possibility of an ICO for their business. Bypassing traditional funding channels such as onerous Grants and difficult VCs with the non-dilutable funding that ICOs represent should be on the tip of every Founders tongue these days. However, there’s a large disconnect between what’s assumed and what’s required to successfully launch an ICO, which we’ll go over on Jan 31st.

Jordan St Jacques is a Tech Founder operating out of the Bayview Yards community, at first out of the Invest Ottawa incubator and now out of the Carleton University Cybersecurity wing. Jordan has world-class expertise in all things Digital Marketing, and is well on his way to adding all things in the Crypto world as well.

January 31st, 2018