Guiding Businesses Through the Pitfalls of Crypto Currency

We’re thrilled to welcome Jordan St Jacques, Crypto, Blockchain & Digital Marketing Expert, Speaker & Serial Entrepreneur, as our keynote speaker for March’s networking event: “Guiding Businesses Through the Pitfalls of Crypto Currency and Initial Coin Offering (ICO)”. Is Crypto Currency a 21st century unicorn or money of the future? Join us Monday, March 19th to find out.

Crypto Currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have proven they are here to stay, and can be used effectively to increase Revenues. The days of the Stock Exchange being the only gateway to raise funds are over. ICOs allow companies to take their fundraising efforts directly to the public! Jordan’s presentation will offer guidance into the mysterious world of Crypto Currency and Initial Coin Offerings.

Jordan St Jacques is an Ottawa-based Digital Entrepreneur specializing in all things Digital Marketing and Crypto Currency, including the new and exciting area of Initial Coin Offerings. A Growth Hacker and Digital Marketer/Developer working out of the Carleton Cyber-Security wing of Ottawa’s Innovation Centre at Bayview Yards. Amongst the wide variety of groups that Jordan has spoken in front of include Carleton University, Invest Ottawa, various Meetups on Digital Marketing in many cities, the Canadian DJ Show, the DJ Times Expo and the Photo Booth Expo. Jordan is a highly sought after Speaker, delivering entertaining knowledge-based Lectures and Seminars within his areas of expertise, drawing connections between theory and the real world.

March 19th, 2018